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About Us

At The Circuits Inc, a marketing & sales enterprise, we have been in business of marketing and sales distribution for INTERFACE Automotive Parts, at PAN India level for almost three decades, in the aftermarket segment of automobile industry.

(Flashers, Relays and Electronic Controllers - 12V & 24V) – Major Tier 1 OE vendor parts for mostly all new generation passenger cars & utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks and buses, tractors, and off-road equipments manufactured in India.

(Automotive Wiring Harness Relays (12V & 24V) - Wiring Harness Relays parts, using only INTERFACE automotive relays, for Headlamps, Fog Lamps & Auxiliary Lights, Horns and other applications. These relay parts find applications in mostly all new generation passenger cars & utility vehicles, commercial trucks & buses and tractors.

We also work closely with auto-electricians to introduce and develop new parts for applications in automobiles. Technical team from Interface Microsystems, our principles, provides us with outstanding customer support, and we welcome inquiries for the development of new parts for automobiles.

Discover more about our products by exploring our website, and please feel free to Contact Us for any queries or concerns.

Thank you for choosing The Circuits Inc for your automotive parts requirements.

At the circuits inc, we have been a leading provider of top-quality oe vendor parts for aftermarket for last 30 years.our focus is on supplying “interface” automotive parts.
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